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SRP Toilet Hire Ltd are the market leaders for all types of temporary toilets throughout the East Midlands, from our range of modern portable toilets for construction sites to a superb range of toilet trailers for events of all sizes. Call today for a quotation.
Standard Recirculating Toilet

The Standard Recirculating Toilet is excellent value for money, ideal for almost any site or event. With an integral soap and toilet roll dispenser it is fully independent of power and plumbing, making it easy to set up and use in any location.

Hotwash Re-circulating Toilet Unit

A hotwash re-circulating toilet, comprises of a 16amp 240volt plug, built in emersion type heater. 145 litre waste tank, a 75 litre arm wash sink, anti bacterial liquid soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, toilet roll holder, mirror and coat hook.


The Moverloo is an effective and practical solution to quick set-up needs. Consisting of two Standard Recirculating Toilets, mounted on a trailer, set-up takes no more than the time to unlimber from the towing vehicle and extend the legs.

2+1 Toilet Trailer
2 x 1 toilet trailer

The 2 + 1 Toilet Trailer is a mid sized luxury trailer equipped with 2 ladies toilets, one gents toilet and a urinal. Suitable for up to 200 people, it is a quick and simple solution to event and site toilet needs. To ease utility, the toilets use recirculating flush systems, meaning that only an electrical connection is needed.

3+1 Toilet Trailer
3 x 1 Toilet Trailer

The 3 + 1 Toilet Trailer is a specialised mobile luxury unit incorporating two unisex recirculating toilets. Plugging into available electricity it is both heated and equipped with an extractor fan. This capable, flexible unit is able to cater for the needs of anywhere from 50 to 100 people.

4+2 Toilet Trailer

The 4 + 2 Toilet Trailer is a large scale luxury unit that incorporates four ladies toilets, two gents toilets and three urinals as well as full length mirrors in the hand wash areas. Highly adaptable, this unit is available with recirculating toilets or mains connection flush systems.

4 Man Urinal Unit

Simple and easy to install, the 4 Man Urinal Unit is a specialist toilet facility that helps to avoid long queues and reduce waste at large events.

6 Man Urinal Unit

For very large events, the 6 Man Urinal Unit offers increased capacity over the 4 man model. Just as easy to set up and use, it offers 50% more capacity with no extra fuss.

Portable Disabled Toilet Unit
Disabled toilet interior

Portable Disabled Toilet Units are large recirculating units built specifically to meet the needs of the disabled. These fully self-contained toilets offer wide floor space that is ideal for wheelchair and pushchair use. They also incorporate baby changing facilities.

Twin Sink Wash Station

A simple, portable handwashing station, Twin Sink Wash Stations are free-standing easy solutions to promote easy hygiene at events. With 163 litres of fresh water stored, they are perfect for agricultural shows or any kind of livestock event.

Four Bay Gas Shower Trailer

An LPG-fired shower trailer unit with two shower cubicles and two changing areas. For extra convenience, each cubicle features a small seat and built in mirror. Plug it into water, electricity and gas and it’s ready to provide the ultimate in on-site hygiene.

Elson Tanks

Elson Tanks are simple, portable water heating units giving you warm water for washing on tap. With minimal fuss a tank can be brought to your site to provide all the hot water you might need.

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