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3 Reasons Your Construction Site Needs a Welfare Unit
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A construction site is a busy place with staff that are constantly on-the-go, often doing strenuous jobs in all weathers. It is important that every construction site has a sheltered space for workers, not just for their overall wellbeing but also to comply with health and safety regulations.

A construction site should be safe and productive, with facilities to allow workers to work to their best ability. For this reason, a welfare unit is essential on any construction site, no matter how big or small. Here are just 3 reasons why you should consider a welfare unit.

1. Provide a rest area

Above all else, a welfare unit provides a place for construction workers to rest. Construction work can be hard and laborious, but a welfare unit can give staff a place to rest and shelter from any adverse weather conditions.

Welfare units deliver that essential break area for when workers take a lunch break, as they are also equipped with canteen facilities. This means you can plug in a microwave and kettle, especially with the use of a portable generator. This can be crucial for staff who are working long hours.

2. Provide washroom facilities

One of the most important aspects of providing the right welfare facilities for staff includes a toilet area. Welfare units often come with ample washroom areas, which can include toilets and showers. It’s key that you have a place for workers to freshen up.

Washroom facilities can provide hot and cold water with adequate lighting, making sure construction staff have a place to look after themselves during and after a shift.

2. Provide an office space

Many welfare units also include an office space alongside its canteen and toilet facilities. It is a great opportunity to have an office on-site, which can be very convenient for administrative tasks.

The office space can also be used by team leaders and managers as a base for overseeing the construction project and ensuring everything runs smoothly. Often construction sites can be in remote locations, so having an office nearby is much more efficient.

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