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5 Steps to Help Workers Feel Safe
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The pandemic has had a massive impact on businesses across the country. As a lot of industries have been allowed to resume work, one thing all employers need to be concerned with is keeping people safe. With that being said, below, we outline five steps you can take to help workers feel safe in light of COVID-19.

Staggered arrival

This is something that we have seen being implemented in schools across the country, and a lot of businesses are adapting the same approach. If you typically open your office doors at 9 am, why not have staggered arrival times of 8 am, 8.30 am, 9 am, 9.30 am, and 10 am? Of course, those who arrive later will leave the workplace later too, ensuring staggered leave times.

Different break times

You can also take this approach to breaks as well. While workers like to catch up with one and another on their break, it makes sense to ask them to take their breaks at different times at the moment to ensure social distancing.

Extra toilet cubicles

Another important step when it comes to making your workers feel safe is having extra toilet cubicles on-site. Pre-COVID people were quite happy to share one or two toilets on-site. However, with hygiene a priority, it is important to ensure there are extra toilet cubicles with plenty of soap and paper towels for people to wash their hands thoroughly afterward.


You may need some forms of PPE in your work environment already. However, COVID-19 has meant that face masks, gloves, and other forms of protective equipment have become vital. Providing this PPE for your workers is imperative. While everyone needs to wear a mask at the minute, you may want to look into more comfortable and breathable masks so that your workers’ productivity is not impacted.

Social distancing where possible

Last but not least, ensuring that social distancing is implemented wherever possible is also crucial. You can purchase signage online that will enable you to clearly implement social distancing rules at your business, ensuring everyone understands where they can and cannot stand or sit.

How can we help

Ensuring your workers feel safe is more important than ever before. This is something that we can help with here at SRP Hire Solutions. Offering hygienic toilet hire services and ensuring you have enough cubicles to keep everyone safe on-site is something we take seriously, as we know having the right facilities can give your staff confidence you’re doing all you can to protect their safety. Why not get in touch to find out more?

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