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A festival organiser’s facilities guide
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Summer is finally here and after 2 years of Covid-19 restrictions, the festival season is eager to get up and go once more. Whether this is the first time that you will be organising a festival, or you have plenty of experience here is our guide to the facilities that you should consider for your festival this summer. 

Luxury Shower Hire

Over the years, festivals have changed. Whilst there are still some festival-goers who are happy with a quick wash with a damp flannel whilst they are away, the majority prefer to keep themselves a little cleaner whilst at a festival that lasts a couple of days. At SRP we have luxury shower units that can be hired for your events making it easier for both staff and visitors to stay clean. Luxury shower hire is something that can really give you the edge over other festivals and they are very easy to put in place on your site.

Toilet hire

You should also consider the toilet facilities that you offer. For some situations, you may just want to consider basic toilet hire. These are standard units that offer sit-down toilet cubicles, urinals and hand washing stations. They are a good choice for any event that will be lasting a couple of days. Depending on the type of festival that you are organising, the type of people that will be attending your festival and the duration, you may want to consider luxury toilet hire, however.  These toilets offer a little bit more space and attention to detail with your facilities. It may be that your festival would actually benefit from a range of different toilet facilities. 

Things to consider

Before you can actually hire the facilities that you need for your festival you will need to consider some important factors. The first of these will be how many people are you expecting will use the facilities. If you are working on just pre-sols tickets, and many festivals do then you will have a good idea of how many will be attending and can use this to plan how many toilets and showers you should hire. If you will also be selling tickets on the gate, then you should plan for a few more people. 

Particularly in the case of toilet facilities, it is often better to over budget the number of people rather than plan for less. This will allow for issues with the facilities that you hire such as toilets being put out of action by some of your attendees. 


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