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A Handy Guide To Construction Site Safety
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It is without a doubt that construction sites can be pretty dangerous places, yet with care and planning, it is possible to reduce the risks and challenges that site users face. Here, we look at common dangers, and how you can mitigate risks on your site.

Construction site dangers

Hazards exist, accidents happen, and deaths occur, so it’s essential to understand the risks of visiting or working on a construction site. Some common risks include:

• Being struck by moving vehicles

• Falling from height

• Being struck by moving objects

• Becoming trapped by something falling, collapsing or overturning

• Incorrect use of machinery or equipment

Construction site safety measures that will help reduce accidents and incidents

There are various ways in which you can make your site safer. Initial risk assessments should highlight the need for measures such as:

• Safety training


• Construction site services

• Correct safety measures for elevated and raised platforms

• Barriers and warning notices

• Speed restrictions and clear route markings for pedestrians and moving machinery

• Restricted access areas

A forgotten measure?

It may seem like a minor consideration, given the dangers we have mentioned but adequate site facilities for your workforce are essential to ensure they have all they need to help with welfare. As a construction site owner or manager, you should ensure you meet all workers’ health and safety needs with adequate toilet and washing facilities, catering and welfare cabins. Staff should have safe, dry spaces for welfare breaks to conduct meetings, store essential site equipment and manage site paperwork. For many, it makes perfect sense to hire these facilities so that the equipment you have meets the needs of each site and you have the flexibility to meet demand through the range of cabins available.

Backups ensure your site runs smoothly

Construction sites often work to tight deadlines, and any interference in the timetable can often cause a raft of other problems pushing deadlines and costs, so it’s important to avoid them wherever possible. Of course, when essential services such as water and power are lost, this can also cause problems for site safety, so it’s worth considering having backup facilities such as generators and water bowsers on-site to ensure activities can resume with minimal delay. 

We can help

Here at SRP Hire Solutions, we work closely with construction site managers to ensure they can access the construction site hire facilities as needed. We often step in to provide hire facilities for emergency or short notice situations, whether additional toilets, welfare cabins or wash facilities or with generators and water bowsers. Our reliable, friendly and experienced service is here to help you keep your site safe and comfortable for workers and visitors alike.

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