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An Events Organiser’s Winter Facilities Guide
  • By Dean Finegold
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As winter is now here, the season of festivities and winter events are just around the corner! If you’re an events organiser, you’re sure to be preparing for some winter events that are about to take place. From Christmas markets and ice skating to bonfire nights and firework shows, you’re sure to have your hands full this winter. 

Here are SRP Hire Solutions, we’ve put together this facilities guide to preparing for events this winter. You’ll be needing a few facilities to make sure those attending your events are safe, comfortable, and enjoying themselves.

Here are some of the facilities you’ll need.

Temporary Fencing

As winter is here in full force and the nights grow longer and longer, it’s now the perfect time to illuminate the sky with fireworks. Many firework events will be taking place in the country throughout November. For these kinds of events, temporary fencing is essential. 

Because fireworks and bonfires pose a threat to a person’s safety, you’re going to need an adequately fenced off area for these events to take place. The risk of someone becoming injured is very great without the protection of event barriers, which is why they’re essential. 

Temporary fencing is also great to use to separate areas, coming in handy for many events. If you’re looking for some event barriers, take a look at ours here.


Lighting is vital when it comes to organising winter events. There needs to be enough lighting so attendees can see exactly where they’re going and what’s around them. This is significant for winter events as the nights are much longer. 


Another vital facility you need at any event is a place for people to use the toilet. At SRP we have temporary event toilets for you to hire. It’s important that both staff and event attendees have a hygienic place to use the bathroom. We also have luxury event hire toilets available as well. For health, safety, and the comfortability of your staff and attendees, hiring toilets is crucial.


At a winter event, heating is important. You may consider hiring a generator as you might not have access to a power grid. At these events it’s important to have a reliable source of electrical power. At SRP, we have generators to hire, ideal for events taking place in the winter.

If you’re interested in any of our event hire services, do not hesitate to contact us today. We’d be happy to assist.

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