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Be Prepared for Your Next Event with SRP
  • By Dean Finegold
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2020 is rolling along at a fair pace and winter is becoming a distant memory. This means that spring is on its way and we can start to look forward to warmer and sunnier weather! Despite the ongoing circumstances, you may still be planning your next event for when everything is restored to normal. From music festivals to country shows or fetes, you may be planning your own event in the coming months or years.

If so, event management is something to start thinking about. Having the right facilities in place will not only keep you on the right side of the law but also protect the welfare of both event staff and those who attend. But what are the essentials that you should hire for your event?

Toilet hire

Whether it is for guests or staff to use, hiring in toilets is vital. You simply must give anyone on-site access to modern and clean toilet facilities. The great news is that hiring toilet units can deliver great value for money and a good range of choice. This makes it an easy thing to do for any budget or size of gathering. From standard toilet units to urinals with sinks to use, you will have no problem in finding what you need.

Shower hire

Many larger gatherings, such as big music festivals, could go on for a few days. This makes hiring shower facilities for people to use a good idea. It is a safe bet that anyone who attends for the whole time will really appreciate a hot shower to freshen up at some point! Offering this kind of extra facility can really help attract more people to your event and enhance your reputation for treating guests well. Effective event management is about covering all key bases and hiring out shower units is a sensible move.

Welfare units for staff

When it comes to event management, you should also consider having the right things in place for your staff. Welfare units are a good tip here. These units give them somewhere private to relax when on a break or change when finishing their shift. Units like this can include any number of individual amenities, from rooms to eat in, to those for sleeping or showering in.

Let SRP Hire Solutions help

If you are looking after the event management for an upcoming Spring event, why not let us help? Based in Lincolnshire, SRP Hire Solutions offer toilet, shower and welfare unit hire for events across the East Midlands. Our equipment is modern and kept to the highest standards while our professional approach is sure to delight. Call today on 0333 577 8003 for more details.

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