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Checklist for an Efficient Construction Site
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When you are in charge of a construction site and need to get the job done on time and done well, then it’s vital that you have an efficient construction site. This not only includes your choice of workers, but the working conditions and facilities, such as investing in the right toilet hire for construction sites. Below we offer our checklist for an efficient construction site.

Qualified workers

Having an efficient construction site starts with having the right workers to do the job. It’s important that they have received the right training and are qualified to do the task in hand. Consider what skill set you require, and if you need to hire various workers with a variety of professional backgrounds to cover each aspect of the job.

You should also consider the idea of hiring apprentices and younger team members, providing you have the resources to help them learn the tricks of the trade. This can be incredibly rewarding.

A workable and manageable rota

In every industry, it’s vital that workers have rest periods in between shifts and breaks during their time at work. This is particularly true for the construction industry where hours can be long and the work very physical. It’s important that you have a manageable rota to allow everyone to complete the job to the best of their ability.

You should provide a rest area for your staff, such a site welfare unit where workers can have a break and eat. It’s also key to have contingency plans in place for staff sickness and other emergencies, in order to ensure your construction site continues to run efficiently and safely.

Adequate toilet facilities

Every construction site needs welfare units that include the right toilet hire for construction sites. Consider how many staff you have, and how many toilet facilities you need to provide. This is a basic facility but one that can be easily overlooked, so ensure that there is a designated spot for toilet and shower facilities.

This is absolutely essential to the wellbeing of your staff and it pays well to invest in suitable facilities for your team to use.

Catering facilities

If your workers are on site around the clock, then they will need access to catering facilities; somewhere they can have hot food and drinks. A well-rested and well-fed worker will perform more efficiently than those who do not have access to catering and rest facilities. Many welfare units are equipped with a generator that provides the site with electricity for heating and cooking purposes.

Here at SRP, we have a vast range of welfare units and portable toilets for hire. We offer both static and portable options with electricity and running water. To learn more about our welfare units and toilet hire for construction sites, then please do browse our website and get in touch with us today.


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