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Choosing the Right Toilet Facilities for your Next Event
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Whether you’re running a small, one-day event or a busy festival, perhaps the most important thing to think about are your event toilet facilities. Without the right facilities, you’ll find that there’s a massive build up of unhappy people queuing, which will lead to bad reviews and very uncomfortable customers. In this blog post we’ll go over the various toilet facilities offered by SRP Toilet Hire Ltd, and help you work out which of our rental options will work best for the event you’re running.

Standard Recirculating Toilet

This is the most commonly hired toilet we offer, and includes all the normal functions you’d expect from a portaloo. It stands alone without any reliance on power or plumbing, and includes a soap and looroll dispenser to help ensure hygiene and cleanliness is maintained throughout your event. This is the perfect toilet for events that require great value for money, where customers aren’t expecting luxury facilities.

Hotwash Re-circulating Toilet Unit

This is a slightly more advanced toilet, including a 16amp 240V plug, larger capacity 145 litre waste tank, 75 litre sink and a built in heater. Also included in this model are soap and paper towel dispensers, a toilet roll holder, and a mirror and coat hook. This is a more comfortable toilet, ideal for family events where there may be a slightly higher expectation on toilet facilities.


The Moverloo is the ideal rental option for short-lived events. The two toilet units stay fixed to a trailer for quick set up at the beginning of the day, and easy removal after the event has finished. These units offer great value for money, and include all the necessary practical features.

Toilet Trailers

Here at SRP Toilet Hire Ltd we offer great rental prices on luxury toilet trailers. The first of these is the 2+1 toilet trailer, which includes one gents toilet, as well as a urinal, and 2 ladies toilets. The 3 + 1 toilet trailer includes two unisex toilets, and the 4 + 2 toilet is a large scale facility which includes two gents toilets, four ladies toilets, and three urinals. All of these toilet trailers use advanced recirculating flush systems, and include heating and electrical fans. The 4 + 2 toilet facility also includes full length mirrors, and can connect to the mains for a more powerful flush system at a high-demand event. These toilet trailers are the ideal choice for larger scale events – the 3 + 1 trailer can cater for between 50 and 100 people, the 2 + 1 trailer can cater for up to 200, whilst the 4 + 2 model is perfect for large events that require luxury toilet facilities. We would especially recommend these trailers for events at which children and the elderly will be amongst the visitors.

Urinal Units

Although not as luxurious as the trailer toilet options, urinal units provide a simple solution to cut down on queues at busy events. Easy to install and take away again, SRP offer urinals in both 4 man and 6 man capacities. These urinals are an especially good idea at events where there will likely be a higher number of male attendees.

Two Sink Wash Station

As well as plenty of toilets, you’ll also need a hygienic station where festival goers or event attendees can wash their hands after using the facilities. Our wash station is able to store up to 163 litres of fresh water. It’s especially important to hire a wash station at events where cleanliness is of the utmost importance, such as at agricultural events where there will be contact with livestock.

For practical toilet facility solutions that offer great value for money, get in touch with SRP Toilet Hire Ltd today. We’ll be happy to talk you through our brilliant range and help you work out what you’ll need for your event.

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