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Choosing the Right Construction Facilities to Hire

Making sure a construction site is set up properly for your staff is crucial. It’s important that your workforce has access to the right facilities, including places to eat, rest and shelter from the elements. When it comes to choosing the right hire facilities, here at SRP Hire Solutions we’ve got a lot of options to suit your needs perfectly.

Here we take you through our range of construction facilities that are available for both short and long term hire.

Toilet hire for construction sites

Providing toilet facilities is a legal requirement for your staff, so make sure you have enough toilet cabins for all those who work on your site. We have a number of different types to suit your needs.

Our standard recirculating toilet unit has an integral soap and toilet roll dispenser, and is independent of power and plumbing. It’s excellent value for money and HSE compliant.

We offer a hotwash recirculating toilet, with an instant water heater and 145 litre waste tank. It has a wash sink, soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser and toilet roll holder. For an extra touch, this unit also has a mirror and coat hook.

The mains portable toilet unit we offer is lightweight and comes with a soil pipe ready for connection to the mains or a holding tank. This unit needs a 15 mm water connection and 240V electric supply.

Mobile welfare units

We understand every construction site is different, and your hire facilities should be able to accommodate for your set-up and number of staff. We can deliver a wide range of mobile welfare units to suit your individual needs.

The Securicab 7-man welfare unit has generator-powered lighting and full toilet facilities, with enough room for 7 people.

Our Ecosmart 12ft unit offers 2 layout options, fitting between 6-8 people. It includes a canteen area with microwave and kettle, toilet units and running hot water. There is also a drying room. We offer similar solutions in two other sizes; 16ft units with space for up to 10 people, and 20ft units with space for up to 12 people.

Static welfare units

Our static welfare unit is available in size 24ft, designed to deal with every on-site need you might have. It has full canteen facilities, a drying room and toilet, along with a separate office and rest space for up to 6 people.

It is powered by a generator, providing heating and lighting to make sure you have everything you need during the working day.

What else can we supply?

At SRP Hire Solutions, it doesn’t just stop there. We can also provide site cabins, which can act as secure, anti-vandal storage units ranging from 10ft to 30ft in length. This is perfect for storing tools, equipment and materials at the end of the day. They can also act as canteen units if necessary.

We can also provide office units, available in different sizes to suit your specific needs.

If you’re looking for a solution that offers more than one area, we can create combination facilities for you, with a 50/50 split. This can provide an office and canteen, canteen and store area or canteen and dry room.

Talk to us today about your construction site hire needs.

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