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Choosing the Right Hire Facilities Company

When it comes to choosing a company to supply the right hire facilities for your business it is really important to shop around in order to find the best company for your requirements. There are a number of things you will want to factor into your decision that can make all the difference to the facilities that you do hire.

Delivery and pickup 

Whether you are looking to hire toilets, welfare units, generators or even a combination of these facilities, it is really important to discuss both the delivery and pickup with the company you are looking at. If you are not certain exactly what type of facilities you need then you also want to look for a company who can advise you on the most appropriate choice for your needs.  A good company will offer you the full delivery service that involves you discussing your requirements, then making the appropriate recommendations and then delivering it to your site no matter how large, or small it might be. It really should be that simple. All you need to do is be onsite to accept the delivery. This delivery should also include set up, connection and any necessary support. 

You should expect the same level of service in respect of a pickup. You should benefit from a smooth, efficient and thoroughly professional service that will cause the minimum of disruption. 

Ongoing support

It would be fantastic if hire facilities worked as you would expect 100% of the time. However this is not always the case, so it is important to ensure that the company you choose to supply your hire facilities is there to support you. No matter how small, or large, the problem you encounter is, you want to be reassured that the company you have hired from is available to help sort the issue out for you. This might mean correcting a fault or even replacing a failed unit, and quickly so that there is as little disruption as possible. 

Short notice

If you need your hire facilities at short notice, for whatever reason, it is important to know that there are companies out there who can assist you with this. In fact if they have the facilities, you need available it is often possible to arrange for them to be delivered if not the same day, then the next day. On a busy site this can be particularly important because a shortage of facilities has the potential to delay any work you are doing.

Interested in working with a company that can do all this for you? Why not get in touch and let us provide you with a seamless service and great facilities for your site.

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