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Construction Hire Facility Essentials

Here at SRP Hire Solutions, we provide a wealth of construction hire facilities to cater to your workforce. Looking after employees and keeping them safe onsite is essential for efficiency and morale, so it is important you choose a reputable hire company that provides leading construction hire facilities.

In this blog article, we will discuss some of the essential construction hire facilities needed for projects.

Portaloo Toilets

Portable toilets are an essential piece of kit for any outdoor construction project. Most construction sites do not have static toilets on site, so it is essential you hire some for your workforce.

The standard recirculating toilet is the staple for toilet hire facilities. These durable temporary toilets are fully independent of power and plumbing, making them perfect for remote locations like construction sites.   

Welfare Units

Welfare units serve a variety of purposes, depending on your requirements and amount of people they are intended to accommodate. Our basic welfare units provide canteen space for employees, equipped with hotwash facilities and power. Our more advanced welfare units can provide office space, dry rooms, showers and even bedding areas.

We are able to assist in helping you choose the correct welfare units to suit your needs.


On construction sites with limited or lack of access to power, generators can act as a reliable electrical power source. They can power anything from heating and cooking, to lighting and tools, delivering a constant stream of energy to a construction site.

We stock a variety of generators for hire, depending on the amount of power required and the type of items you wish you power.

Secure Storage

Perfect for when you need to keep expensive equipment or materials safe onsite overnight, our secure storage facilities are near impossible to break in to. They use anti-vandal technology to protect against forced entry, keeping your important belongings safe. They are available in a variety a sizes, from 10 to 30 feet in length.  

For more information on any of our construction hire facilities, get in contact with SRP Hire Solutions today! We are experts in construction hire facilities and can assist you in choosing the correct facilities to hire.

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