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Sometimes Buying Is Better Than Hiring

If you find yourself using the same facilities again and again regardless of where your jobs take place or what the particulars of each job are, maybe it’s time to start thinking about buying rather than hiring. At SRP Hire Solutions we make it easy for you to buy what you need.
New and Used Portable Cabins
new and used cabins

We have a wide selection of portable cabins available for purchase. With a choice of sizes to suit your requirements and a range of both brand new and second hand examples available, you can be sure of finding something that will suit your space, functionality and budgetary requirements.

Brand New and Second Hand Portable Toilets
brand new 2nd hand porta

If you’re looking for portable toilets then we can help you out. Able to supply a range of brand new items to meet all of your needs, we can help you to choose the right one. Alternatively, if you’re looking for toilets on a budget, take a look at our second hand items. All of our toilets are full flushing with HSE compliant sinks and have steel plates mounted to allow padlocking for security

Chemical Blue Sachets
chemical blue sachets

Absolutely vital for the proper functioning of recirculating toilets, chemical blue sachets are easily used bags of toilet chemical compounds. With no fuss and no mess all that’s needed is to add one self-dissolving pack into a 5 gallon (23 litre) tank of water. Ideal for portable toilets and caravans.

Toilet Diaphragm

A worn or aged toilet diaphragm is one of the most common reasons for a toilet to stop flushing properly. With this in mind, we stock replacements that can be easily fitted to restore full use without difficulty. If your toilet has a faulty flush then this replacement part could be the key.

Complete Whale Pump

The problems of a failed whale pump don’t take long to manifest themselves as waste water starts to back up. We sell complete replacement pumps so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you have the right parts. Just replace everything, knowing you can get back to work.

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