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Portable Welfare Site Accommodation

If you’re interested in hiring portable welfare units for site accommodation but are unsure which one best fits your needs, check out our guide on the various types of welfare unit that are available.

There is something to suit everyone, with portable and compact welfare units that can accommodate up to twelve people, providing you with comfortable, simple and affordable accommodation to fit all your requirements onsite.

1. Securicab 7-Man Welfare Unit

The Securicab 7-Man Welfare Unit is a welfare unit that is equipped with space for up to seven people and complete toilet facilities. It’s even got generator powered lighting. What’s more, it’s simple to set up, with a hydraulic lowering chassis and retractable drawbar, making it an easy, convenient space for your onsite staff.

2. Comfort Space Unit

If you’re looking for site welfare accommodation in a more remote location, then this unit may be the best choice for you. It comes with an eco diesel generator onboard, along with convenient toilet facilities and rest space, so it’s got everything you will need. You can also have peace of mind knowing that it comes with high security, anti-vandal, double locking hinges that make it perfect for those remote locations.

3. Ecosmart Junior 12

If you want a product with Ecosmart technology, this 12ft portable welfare site is a perfect choice. It has a full heating system, hot water, kettle, and microwave, and also comes with canteen space, a drying room and a toilet.

4. Easycabin Eco Junior 16

Another green choice featuring Ecosmart technology, this 16ft portable welfare unit site comes equipped with a full heating system, running hot water, a kettle and a microwave, a toilet and a drying room – it has got everything you need. It also comes with canteen space for up to twelve people, as well as an office space.

5. Ecosmart 20

This 20ft portable welfare site comes equipped with cabin space for up to twelve people. Ecosmart technology is built-in as standard, and it even includes energy-efficient diesel heating, which helps to cut running costs and energy use. It also includes other environmentally-friendly features, including a PIR activated lighting system.

6. Site Solo

Last but not least, Site Solo is a 24ft welfare unit that is equipped to deal with all your onsite needs. An onboard 9 kva generator provides the power for lighting and heating, and it has full canteen facilities. This welfare unit also includes a recirculating toilet, offset drying room and rest space for up to six people, and even a separate office.

If you’re interested in hiring any of the above site welfare units for your business, get in touch with us at SRP Hire Solutions today to discuss your requirements and see how we can help you.

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