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Essential Construction site facilities
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Having the right facilities on your construction site is really important when it comes to following all of the necessary health and safety regulations. At SRP Hire Solutions we offer an incredibly comprehensive selection of everything that you would need for your construction site. Better still, all of the equipment and facilities that we have is available for both long and short term hire. So let’s take a look at just what the essentials are.

Toilet hire

A vital facility for any workplace, toilets can be hired in a range of different configurations to suit any size of a construction site. The range that we offer includes lightweight recirculating individual units and trailer units that will have up to 6 individual toilets. All of these are available to hire at short notice.

Power requirements

All of the facilities that we have available to hire need some form of electricity in order to help them function properly. Many construction sites do not have access to a local power source, so an alternative is required. This is where it can be really important to consider looking at generator hire in order to keep everything bright and warm. Generators come in a range of different sizes, so it is important to consider your requirements. At SRP, we can help you to find the most appropriate generator to match the needs of your site. 

Site accommodation and welfare

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to site accommodation and welfare units. These units have a range of different uses from storage to office space and catering to somewhere to take a break from the weather. Being able to provide your admin people with a space to be onsite in order to help with any logistics problems as and when they occur can really be effective for your workflow. Drying rooms and break spaces are vital when the weather is inclement, allowing your employees a chance to dry off and get warm in order to continue doing their job as safely as possible. Catering accommodation allows your employees access to things like microwaves and kettles so that can have a hot drink or meal. 

Hotwash re-circulating toilet unit

Our hotwash re-circulating toilet unit has a 16amp, 240volt plug, a very good sized water tank, built-in emersion type heater, arm wash sink and all of the other accessories that you might expect – toilet paper holder, towel dispenser, soap dispense, coat hook and mirror. 

Whatever your construction site hire needs, we have you covered. Why not get in touch and see how we could help provide you with just the facilities you require.

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