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Luxury Toilet Hire For Your Event

At SRP, we understand the importance of having the right facilities on site for your guests and staff. Our luxury toilet hire service gives you access to a full range of temporary toilets that are ideal for creating hygienic amenities for everyone. Choose from our luxury toilet hire options which include trailers of various sizes.



2+1 Toilet Trailer
2 x 1 toilet trailer

The 2 + 1 Toilet Trailer is a mid sized luxury trailer equipped with 2 ladies toilets, one gents toilet and a urinal. Suitable for up to 200 people, it is a quick and simple solution to event and site toilet needs. To ease utility, the toilets use recirculating flush systems, meaning that only an electrical connection is needed.

3+1 Toilet Trailer
3 x 1 Toilet Trailer

The 3 + 1 Toilet Trailer is a specialised mobile luxury unit incorporating two unisex recirculating toilets. Plugging into available electricity it is both heated and equipped with an extractor fan. This capable, flexible unit is able to cater for the needs of anywhere from 50 to 100 people.

4+2 Toilet Trailer
4 + 2 Luxury Toilet

The 4 + 2 Toilet Trailer is a large scale luxury unit that incorporates four ladies toilets, two gents toilets and three urinals as well as full length mirrors in the hand wash areas. Highly adaptable, this unit is available with recirculating toilets or mains connection flush systems.

Features of the SRP Luxury Mobile Toilet Range

    • Galvanised Chasis / Tank with base sloped to centre sump
    • Service Area – Gives easy access to cisterns, plumbing and electrics
    • Low wattage water heater
    • Full LED road lighting
    • LED marker lights on steps
    • Quick fit pump system
    • Air Source heat pump technology* is now available as an option (*or convection heating)
    • Strip curtains are available for privacy and temperature control
    • All internal lights are now LED

Fresh / Grey Water Flush System

Our fresh / grey water flush toilet units can be seen as a cheaper/ simpler alternative to vacuum, and also as a means to eradicate chemical flushing. The system recycles the hand wash water to flush the toilets making efficient use of water and waste tank capacity. This system can be applied to most sizes of unit and has been favored by some TV/Film location companies, but it can also be suitable for other types of work.

The system is well suited to being fitted with 12 volt pump and battery which can allow it to stand alone for long periods, but will usually have mains power also to provide water heating and battery charging when power is available.

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