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Making sure you have the right toilet facilities for your event is highly important. With SRP, you can invest in event toilet hire so that all guests and staff can have access to hygienic facilities across your event. Choose from our flexible toilet hire options including portable units, hand washing stations and urinals that accommodate everyone.

Standard Recirculating Toilet

The Standard Recirculating Toilet is excellent value for money, ideal for any event. With hand sanitiser and toilet roll dispenser it is fully independent of power and plumbing, making it easy to set up and use in any location.

4 Man Urinal Unit

Simple and easy to install, the 4 Man Urinal Unit is a specialist toilet facility that helps to avoid long queues and reduce waste at large events.

6 Man Urinal Unit

For very large events, the 6 Man Urinal Unit offers increased capacity over the 4 man model. Just as easy to set up and use, it offers 50% more capacity with no extra fuss.

Portable Disabled Toilet Unit
Disabled toilet interior

Portable Disabled Toilet Units are large recirculating units built specifically to meet the needs of the disabled. These fully self-contained toilets offer wide floor space that is ideal for wheelchair and pushchair use. They also incorporate baby changing facilities.

Twin Sink Wash Station

A simple, portable handwashing station, Twin Sink Wash Stations are free-standing easy solutions to promote easy hygiene at events. With 163 litres of fresh water stored, they are perfect for agricultural shows or any kind of livestock event.

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