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Everything You Need For An Organised Construction Site

Keeping all your workers in tow, your schedule up to date and working through your workload is hard if your construction site is unorganised. You can have work targets missed, schedules pushed back and an unsafe site if you work in an environment that is a mess.

To improve the organisation of your construction site SRP Hire Solutions have put together a few must-have you need. From site welfare units to safety procedures it is time to organise your site:

A Site Manager
Although not essential, a site manager will help your construction site to stay on target for the period you are working for. If this position isn’t something you are in charge of then appoint someone that can take charge of this role.

Site managers will help to organise the workload, organise the staff and organise the site itself so that your work gets done properly and follows HSE guidelines. This will provide the staff with someone to talk to if they have any issues with the workload and make sure that the site is always as organised as possible.

Site Welfare Unit
Providing your staff and your site with a place to take a break, have meetings and discuss projects can benefit the morale of the staff and the productivity of a construction site.

A site welfare unit is perfect for this job. These site welfare units offer shelter from the elements, a place to take a break and a place to complete any health and safety paperwork. This means if there are any issues that this site welfare unit can become the place to go to discuss a solution.

Safety Processes In Place
If anything does go wrong on the site you need to make sure that the construction site and all its workers know exactly what to do.

You want to know that the safety procedures are in place in terms of first aid and fire evacuations. This will help to keep the site organised and the staff safe.

To find out more about site welfare units and keep your construction site organised, contact SRP Hire Solutions.


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