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Everything you should know about septic tanks
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Septic tanks are a type of wastewater treatment system that is commonly used in rural areas where there is no access to mains sewerage. Septic tanks work by treating the sewage from homes and businesses before it is discharged into the ground.

There are two types of septic tank systems: aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic  septic tanks rely on oxygen to break down the sewage, while anaerobic septic tanks do not need oxygen.

Septic tanks are typically made of concrete, fibreglass, or plastic. They can be either above ground or underground. Above ground septic tanks are less expensive to install but require more maintenance than underground septic tanks. 

Septic tanks must be regularly emptied in order to prevent them from overflowing. This applies to anyone who owns a septic tank, whether you have a septic tank on your domestic property or one in use on your commercial/industrial site. 

Septic tank emptying 

Septic tanks must be emptied regularly, depending on the size of the tank and the amount of water being used. Septic tank emptying services are offered by our team at SRP Hire Solutions throughout the Lincolnshire and East Midlands area for domestic and commercial clients. 

Proper maintenance of septic tanks is essential to ensure that they continue to function properly. This includes regular inspections and cleanings. In fact, the Environment Agency recommends that septic tanks should be emptied or de-slugged annually and should be considered full when 35% of the interior space is occupied by solid material or sludge. For larger sites, such as commercial premises, you may need to consider more regular maintenance of your septic tank. Our team at SRP can help advise you on this if you are unsure. 

When a septic tank is not emptied regularly both domestic and commercial users will notice issues. This includes problems with toilets flushing, loud noises or gurgling sounds coming from your pipes, some people have even experienced a back log of waste backing up into the house or other property. 

If you have any questions about septic tanks or would like to learn more about our septic tank emptying services, please contact us today. We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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