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Generators: Everything You Need To Know

At Glastonbury each year there are around 3000 megawatts of power used over the weekend which is about as much as the city of Bath used in the same time. The generators at this event and any others are really important. They provide the power for the stages, food stands and lighting which festivals and other big events could not do without.

Generators provide power to thousands of events, allowing people to go off the grid, get outdoors and move away from mains power altogether. Festivals, weddings, outdoor bars and many other places would be sat in the dark if it wasn’t for generators.

But what are generators?

What Is A Generator?
A generator uses electricity which is created by changing mechanical energy into electrical energy. This process involves electrical charges moving within a magnetic field which sounds complicated but inside the generator, all this work is done for you.

The generator doesn’t actually create its own electricity but it transforms mechanical energy into electrical in order for your event to be a success.

What Are They Used For?
Generator hire are essential for a range of different events. Simply, they are needed when you are working away from easily accessible power grids and therefore need to get your power from elsewhere.

If you are needing to rely on a steady electrical power supply then you are in need of a generator.

Events such as weddings, festivals, shows and any other outdoor events are common places for you to find generators. They can be used for everything from cooking and heating to lighting.

No longer will your stage be sat in the dark, your food stalls be selling cold food and there be no music playing once you hire yourself a generator.

Where Can You Get A Generator From?
SRP Hire Solutions offer a great range of generators perfect for any event no matter what size. SRP offer generators from 10kVA to 50kVA.

Before you start planning your event, make sure to have generators on your list ready to hire from SRP Hire Solutions.

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