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How to Choose Between a Site Cabin and Welfare Unit

You might think that all mobile site facilities are the same, but they are not. When it comes to selecting the right type of facilities for your site it is important to think about a couple of things. The first of these is what you will be using them for and the second is how many people will be using them. We have broken down exactly what a site cabin is and a welfare unit to help you when it comes to making this decision.

What is a site cabin?

A site cabin is a portable unit that can be placed on your site and has a variety of different uses. Where a site cabin differs from a welfare unit is that it is a much simpler unit and is most commonly used for things like site offices or storage. Site cabins can also be used as drying rooms. This could come in very handy when the weather is rather inclement.

What is a welfare unit?

Simply put, a welfare unit is a mobile unit that is used for the express purpose of looking after the welfare of employees on site. These are units that provide things like toilet facilities, hot water, and kitchen facilities. Not only do they offer vital toilet and wash facilities on site, but they also offer somewhere for employees to take a break, grab a hot drink and some food and have a rest before returning to work. This is essential as not taking appropriate breaks can make people tired and reduce their reaction times. This is something that on a construction site can unfortunately lead to accidents that can result in injury to the employee involved or other site workers.

Which one do I need?

In an ideal world, if you have sufficient space on your site, it can be a good idea to hire both a site cabin and a welfare unit. This will give you a range of different options when it comes to organising your site. It will allow you to have everything in the same place but separate the administrative side of the site from the welfare side which may be a little nosier.

At SRP Hire Solutions we have a range of both site cabins and welfare units to hire in a range of different sizes allowing you to create the best solution for your construction site. Why not get in touch to find out which option could be best for your site.

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