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How To Choose The Right Construction Hire Facilities

At the start of your construction project, your thoughts will turn to the site amenities required to ensure you have suitable facilities and management services to provide essential site operation. You might also want to consider what welfare facilities you’ll need on-site when work begins. With many different options available, choosing what you need will depend on space, access and the number of construction site staff on-site. Here, we offer guidance on what facilities you might need.

Toilet Hire 

Portable toilets as single units, trailer units and hotwash versions are essential to provide the required welfare facilities for construction site staff under health and safety guidelines, so they are an absolute must. Of course, the number of site visitors will dictate which of our options is most suitable.

Static Welfare Units

The most common unit found on construction sites includes generator heating and lighting to offer toilet facilities, office space, canteen facilities and space to rest. Further options could include a offset drying room and full canteen facilities.

Mobile Welfare Units

Access or space may be an issue, so we also offer towable compact welfare units to provide canteen and options for open plan or office use. We offer a variety of units with environmentally sensitive features, including PIR activation lighting and diesel heating,

Site Cabins

Our site cabins, in a range of sizes and layouts, offer the perfect prefabricated flexibility to provide office, canteen or secure site storage as your construction project demands.

We also offer one-off or complete waste emptying and disposal services, a benefit that will make managing site operations easier. Of course, if it is just a generator or water bowser you need, we can help with those to ensure you always have the essential site services in place.

It’s not just a health and safety issue

Welfare facilities are not only a requirement to meet health and safety legislation. Looking after your workforce welfare will ensure they have no excuse not to give their best to the project. On-site canteen and rest facilities mean your workforce have less need to leave the site for comfort breaks, thus removing opportunities for delays and distractions. Dedicated office space and secure storage for site equipment and paperwork will mean administrative tasks and meetings can happen whatever the weather.

Want to learn more?

Our friendly team has the experience and industry knowledge to assist you in identifying suitable construction hire facilities and ensuring you have all you need when you need it. We know that construction site managers prefer the flexibility that hiring equipment brings. Hence, SRP Hire Solutions offers a range of mobile and static welfare facilities to choose from, whatever your site’s size or access restrictions, so why not see how we can help construction sites run more efficiently today.

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