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How to keep your site storage containers safe and secure

Site storage containers are an effective and straightforward way in which you can ensure that items left on your construction site overnight are secured against theft. Unfortunately, thieves know that the type of things left on construction sites are likely to include things worth stealing. As such, it is essential to ensure that your site storage containers are a safe and secure space.
The theft of essential construction materials and tools is not only costly when it comes to replacements but can leave you in a position where you may have to delay some of your work until these replacements can be made. These time delays can put your construction project off schedule.

A good lock is a must, so opt for a heavy-duty one that is not only difficult to cut through but also weather-resistant. This will ensure that not only is it a good deterrent to criminals but also that it doesn’t erode with the weather, making it more fragile over time. It can be a good option to use two or more locks for your containers to give backup protection. This will ensure that if a lock does break, your container will still be secure. Padlocks, lockboxes, inner bolt locks and crossbar locks are all locks to consider.

Alarm System
Having an alarm system that is visible can act as a deterrent to criminals, but if they do still try to break into your container, this will also provide you with notification of the break-in before it has really begun. If your container is located on a remote site, a GSM alarm will help you with more remote monitoring.

Video Surveillance
Like a visible alarm, having security cameras in evidence can often act as a deterrent that will make criminals choose to go somewhere else to try their luck. Whether a break-in is successful or not, this will provide you with footage that can be given to the police or used in the event of an insurance claim against any damage to the container.

Perimeter Fencing
A must on any construction site to ensure that people don’t just wander in and get injured, a perimeter fence will also help to keep would-be thieves out. A barbed wire fence is particularly effective when it comes to keeping individuals out of your site. You could even consider placing a perimeter fence around your container for added security.

Choose the right supplier
Storage containers are not all the same, so choose a supplier who is security-conscious. Older containers that have rusted hinges or worn parts will be much easier for someone to break into, so look for something that is newer and in good condition. If the container that you are considering has additional security, then this will make an even better choice for your construction site. Remember that sometimes, the cheapest option may prove to be a false economy in the long run.

Here at SRP, we’re experts in helping provide construction sites with the facilities they need to maintain a secure, effective site. Why not get in touch to see how we could improve your next site?

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