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How to Manage a Busy Construction Site

As the construction site manager, or if construction is your business, you have a duty of care to keep your construction site safe for your workforce, but this can certainly be a challenge. If you don’t organise it properly and provide appropriate safe spaces, large and potentially lethal equipment mixing with building materials and people could be a recipe for disaster.

Keeping it tidy

It may seem an impossible task, but it’s essential for site productivity and safety. You will run a tighter, safer site by incorporating appropriate places to manage operations and improve productivity and employee welfare.

If there are facilities available, there is no excuse for your workforce to ignore them.

Site facilities

Managing a construction site involves effectively juggling materials, equipment, and people to get the job done on time and within budget. Bringing site cabins onto a construction site will give you the ideal place to manage operations, keeping vital office equipment and paperwork safe and dry.

Looking after the welfare of your staff during breaks and rest periods will improve productivity. Canteen facilities and break rooms can be hired to provide somewhere safe and dry for them to retreat to. Site operations are not then affected by workers during their downtime. Even the smallest sites should find space for site welfare facilities.

Toilet facilities are a must-have and can be hired independently or ideally alongside a static or mobile break area and office facilities. Here at SRP Hire Solutions we offer combination catering for all requirements and personnel numbers.


Protecting valuable tools and equipment when the site is unattended is also extremely important. Anti-vandal secure storage will give you peace of mind for small items open to theft or damage. It’s also a clear message to your workforce that you expect tidiness and for them to responsibly protect your business assets.

Static and mobile welfare units are available in various configurations to provide construction site operators with the perfect combination of site cabins and welfare provisions for their site and job at hand. Hiring rather than buying means you can choose the exact size and configuration for the site you are working on and only keep it for as long as you need. Equipment such as generators, portable shower units, microwaves and kettles provide convenient additions to help you manage your busy construction site.

The more you organise your site, the better you will manage productivity, safety and expectations, and we could help you do just that. Why not get in touch to start making your site run as effectively as it can do.

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