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How to prepare your construction site for winter 2023

Safety is of primary concern in the construction industry and as we head into winter and the colder and wetter conditions this is even more important. Unfortunately, during the winter, it is easier for equipment to become damaged and there are, of course, greater risks for construction workers’ safety.
With this in mind, we have put together some tips to help you ensure that your construction site is ready for the winter.

Do your planning
Every construction site is different, so when it comes to preparing your site for winter you will need to consider the area that you cover and the risks that might be present. A winter weather risk assessment is a good idea before you even start. This will give you a clear course of action. Things to think about are protecting your construction workers from the elements, clearing walkways and roads and training.

Protect against the elements
Using construction equipment is dangerous work, particularly in snow or heavy rain. Construction workers need to be as alert as possible so it is important to provide welfare units where they can take regular breaks in order to get dry and warm. This will also allow them to grab a hot drink and a meal as well to replenish their energy and keep them more alert, which will reduce risk of injury both to themselves and to others.

Protective clothing
The right clothing is essential on a construction site, and this means not only being visible at all times but also being able to keep warm and dry. Layers are important in the winter and hard hats are essential. Ensuring that your construction workers have somewhere to dry their clothes at the end of the day is also important so consider welfare units with drying spaces to make this easier.

Proper signage
The correct signage on your construction site is essential all year round but it is even more important in the winter to ensure that there is a reduced risk of accidents. Make sure that all of your signage is in the right places and maintained – inclement weather can cause signage to slip or become damaged.

Clear the ice
Ice can be particularly dangerous on the construction site. You need to ensure that you have the appropriate plans in place for clearing it and also for preventing it in the first place. You may need to contract with an external company to grit any walkways on your site to reduce the risk of slipping accidents. This will need to be done in the morning before people begin to arrive on the site. You should also ensure that you have appropriate storage measures in place for any heavy equipment on site during the winter, as inclement weather has the potential to cause damage to machinery as well.

Consider all of the risks that might occur on site as a result of winter weather and ensure that you have a plan in place that will help you mitigate these risks. If you need any assistance with facilities, why not get in touch to see how we can help make your site safe and comfortable, whatever the weather.

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