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How to Prepare Your Construction Site for Winter

Construction sites may operate through all seasons, but it’s important to remember the additional safety measures and precautions that will help you survive whatever the colder, wetter months throw at you. Preparation will help you care for your workforce, reduce accident or trauma risks and hopefully keep your build on track.

Here are our tips as winter approaches.

Snow and ice

Without a doubt, the UK has its fair share of rough weather. We can see rain, snow, hail and even a splash of sunshine in a matter of hours; and this can be a deadly combination. It is essential to have adequate supplies of sand and grit ready to attack snow and ice. Once the sun gets to it, that awful ice rink is waiting to cause accidents if preventative measures aren’t taken.

Regular safe clearing of snow is essential, so having suitable equipment and workforce to cope with your site demands is necessary. Ensure you check local weather conditions and designate a responsible person to make decisions and carry out gritting before the site closes for the evening or before morning opening. Safeguard vulnerable pipes from freezing and have heating lamps or space heaters ready to defrost if you have a freeze.


Vehicle maintenance and safe operation should always be a priority. However, winter conditions make it even more essential to follow winter driving safety measures. Ensure that employees are adequately trained and have a chance to practice negotiating vehicles in icy conditions.


Lights, heaters, generators, water bowsers and safety netting should be readily available and on-site ready to go in a crisis. Hiring extra facilities is an excellent way to cope with short term additional demands.


Having proper welfare facilities should be a priority. Working continuously in extreme conditions without appropriate facilities can lead to hypothermia, frostbite and dangerous lapses in concentration, most certainly impacting site safety. Various construction hire facilities are available to ensure that you provide your workforce with all they need for personal comfort and safety. Welfare units and site cabins, either mobile or static, can give a place to keep office management tidy during inclement weather, provide canteen or restroom facilities as well as hot water and safe storage.

Toilet facilities, including hot water, will ensure access to warming facilities to keep workers free from frostbite risks. Additional lighting and generators can be hired, so that poor visibility doesn’t become a safety concern. Protective clothing is also a must if you expect your workforce to carry on in all conditions. SRP Hire Solutions are ready to offer advice and deliver facilities for your construction site to get through this winter. Why not call the team for advice on the best solutions to fit your needs?

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