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How to pull off a Successful Winter Event

Winter is coming, quickly, which means you should be taking special considerations into account when it comes to the event management solutions you employ. At SRP Hire Solutions we have a range of options available for you, as well as the experience necessary to ensure your winter event runs without a hitch.

The facilities you need

Cutting to the chase – what do you actually need in order run a successful winter event?

The first thing you’re going to need is toilets. It’s one of the most basic human functions, and something you need to provide the right facilities for. There are many types of toilet blocks available, ranging from simple banks of urinals through to individual toilets complete with sinks and hot running water. Consider the number of people you wish to attend your event in order to best understand how many toilets you’ll need.

Other welfare units may be a consideration, including portable office units, and maybe even shower blocks. It depends on the nature of your event – if for example, you’re running a sporting event in an isolated location, you’re going to want somewhere for players to shower. Think also about the employees who will be running the event, professional office space will be necessary – preferably completely waterproof and heated.

Power is an essential consideration for your winter event, with cold weather and shorter days requiring much more heat and light than a summer event. It’s essential that you accurately work out your power requirements in order to ensure you’re hiring enough generators to cope with the power demand of your event. Take into account that it’s always best practice to hire backups, just in case there is a failure or unexpected surge in power usage.

Consult a Professional

Getting your choice of facilities right is highly important for your winter event. You’re combating darkness, cold temperatures, and bad weather in order to make sure that staff and attendees are both properly catered for. You need to satisfy their toilet needs, as well as provide light and warmth.

If you’re in any doubt about what you need, why not get in touch with a specialist? The team here at SRP Hire Solutions has considerable experience in providing the facilities that have driven all manner of successful winter events, so why not call us and arrange a consultation?

It couldn’t be easier, and you’ll get expertise that you can rely on.


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