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Here at SRP Hire Solutions we cover site welfare unit and toilet hire across the following areas: Northampton, Corby, Kettring, Wellingborough and Daventry.

Site Welfare
Site welfare

SRP Hire Solutions have a range of Site Welfare Units available to hire across the Northamptonshire area. Whether you are looking for an area to hold meetings on site, provide an area to have a break or more, there are Site Welfare Units for you. These units can accommodate anywhere between 6 to 10 people with facilities for generator powered lights, canteen areas and heating.

Toilet Hire

SRP Hire Solutions can provide you with expert advice, great value products and fantastic value for money when hiring portable toilets. If you are looking for easy to move portable toilets to be used in different locations and for a range of different applications in the Northamptonshire area, you will find them at SRP Hire Solutions.

Event Management

SRP Hire Solutions can also offer event management services across Northampton and the Northamptonshire area for big events such as weddings, festivals, parties, air shows and any other occasions. This event management service means you can have a team of our experienced staff plan and provide facilities that work for you and your guests.

Site Accommodation

If you are looking for site accommodation in the Northamptonshire area, SRP Hire Solutions can also help with secure site storage facilities, prefabricated cabin units and accommodation that can be delivered to you wherever you need them. This secure site storage can be hired in any size from 10 to 30 feet in length meaning large and heavy equipment can be stored safe and securely.

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