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Looking After Your Construction Workers in Summer

The summer months on a construction site can be just as challenging as the winter for your labourers and workmen. Whilst the winter requires shelter from freezing temperatures and harsh elements, the summer can also bring unbearable conditions with higher temperatures and exposure to the sun. This can make it difficult for workers to get the job done comfortably.

With summer only around the corner, it’s a popular time for the construction industry to become even busier as the longer daylight hours and less chance of rain make it a little easier to complete certain jobs. As the days are set to get brighter, here are just a few ways you can make sure your construction workers are looked after this summer.

Hygiene facilities including showers

Construction sites are messy places to be at the best of times, and that coupled with hard work in the sun can result in the need for proper hygiene facilities such as showers. Give your workers the chance to shower off at the end of their shift so they’re able to go home feeling refreshed and clean.

What’s more, toilet blocks are an absolute essential for any workmen. Construction sites often don’t come with access to water mains and electricity, so hiring portable toilets is so important. Consider making sure there are enough units to go around, so that staff can stick to stringent hygiene and social distancing guidelines if necessary.

Somewhere to take a break

Working on a construction site usually involves long hours especially when there are crucial jobs that need to be completed. Construction workers typically spend most of their day on-site, including taking any breaks or eating lunch somewhere nearby. It’s important that you’re able to provide the right facilities for your staff to take their breaks comfortably and out of the direct sun.

Static or mobile welfare units are the perfect solution, offering canteen facilities and rest space, including dry rooms. If your construction project is set to continue for months, a static welfare unit could be the most suitable choice for your site.

A place to manage the site from

It can be particularly helpful to have somewhere on-site for management to plan and manage the construction site and its progress. During the height of the sun, it can be near-impossible to do this outside, so consider having a site cabin for your supervisors to have a comfortable place to plan and hold any meetings required.

The right site cabin can provide the perfect place for general office administration, ensuring the construction site runs smoothly. Some site cabins can also be used as storage which is important for anything valuable that must be locked away at the end of the day.

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