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Luxury facilities to hire for your event

If you are planning an event, particularly a large-scale outdoor event, then ensuring that you have the right facilities is vital for the success of your event. Providing insufficient facilities or poor quality ones will almost certainly leave a lasting impression in people’s memories, and not the good kind. Hiring a luxury toilet and, where appropriate, shower facilities will really make your event stand out and help you to attract the crowds you want to make it a success. 

Luxury Toilet Hire

When looking for the most appropriate luxury toilets to hire for your event it is important to consider the number of people who will be attending. This will determine the amount of toilets you will need. These will come in a range of sizes and offer a combination of several ladies toilets to a smaller number of men’s toilets and of course, several urinals as well. Depending on the location of your toilets you will need to think about whether recirculating toilets, which just need to be plugged in to the electricity supply, or those with a mains connecting flush system which will also need a water supply will be the best option. 

The other things that your luxury toilet hire will have is a good number of hand basins, mirrors, heating and also extractor fans that will help you to cover all types of weather and even issues that might occur.

Luxury Shower Trailer Hire

If your event takes place over several days, for example a festival or weekend of concerts then you may want to consider hiring a couple of luxury shower trailers as well. This could prove to be a big hit with those people staying for a couple of days, and particularly if the weather is either really hot or somewhat wet and muddy. Again, the most important thing to consider when hiring a shower trailer, or several, is how many people will be attending. Unlike toilets you may find that not everyone will want to use these facilities so that is also something to factor into your decision. Shower hire trailers usually offer 4 or 6 shower cubicles per trailer and have all of the features you would expect from a facility of this nature, shower trays with shower heads, separate sink, bench. 

It is a good idea to make sure that any facilities that you do hire have the appropriate certification. In the case of a shower trailer, this would be having gas safe certification and complying to HSE regulations.

If you’re looking for toilet facilities with the luxury factor, we’re sure we can help. Why not get in touch with the team? We’d be glad to supply you with the perfect facilities for your needs.

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