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Luxury Toilet and Shower Hire Facilities
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For private events, VIP sections or even luxury summer festivals; the facilities you hire for your guests need to match the premium level of service. Thankfully, SRP Toilet Hire offer a range of modern luxury toilet trailers and shower hire facilities to cater for your guests needs.

In this blog article, we will take you through our luxury toilet and shower hire facilities.  

Luxury Toilet Trailers

SRP Toilet Hire Solutions are the market leaders for all types of temporary facility hire, and our luxury toilet trailers are the gold standard for toilet hire facilities. Luxury toilet trailers are available in 2+1, 3+1 and 4+2, depending on the amount of guests and size of your event. We usually say 2+1 toilet trailers can cater for up to 200 guests, whilst 4+2 toilet trailers can cater for up to 400 guests.

All three types of luxury toilet trailers come with male and female cubicle sections, urinals, hand wash facilities and full length mirrors. Features of the SRP luxury toilet range include:

  • Galvanised Chasis / Tank with base sloped to centre sump
  • Service Area – Gives easy access to cisterns, plumbing and electrics
  • Low wattage water heater
  • Full LED road lighting
  • LED marker lights on steps
  • Quick fit pump system
  • Air Source heat pump technology* is now available as an option (*or convection heating)
  • Strip curtains are available for privacy and temperature control
  • All internal lights are now LED

Modern luxury toilet trailers also make use of fresh/grey water flush toilet units, which are a more efficient alternative to vacuum flushing without the use of chemicals. The system recycles the water used in the hand wash facilities, making it extremely ecological. It can also be used with a volt pump and battery for periods without access to mains electricity.

Luxury Shower Trailers

For overnight festivals and events, access to clean shower facilities is a must. Thankfully, SRP Toilet Hire Solutions offer luxury mobile 4Bay shower units. These units are class leading in design and quality, offering a clean and comfortable shower in remote locations. All SRP shower trailers are also complaint with HSE regulation. Features of luxury shower trailers include:

  • Shower tray
  • Shower curtain
  • Built in shower head thermostatically controlled
  • Ceramic sink with concussive tap
  • Mirror
  • Bench seat
  • Ceiling lights
  • Floor drain
  • Ventilation
  • Coat hook

For more information on our luxury toilet trailers and shower facilities, get in contact with SRP Toilet Hire Solutions today!

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