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Make Sure Your Event Runs Smoothly with Event Toilet Hire
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Making sure an important event runs smoothly depends on perfect planning and preparation.

Getting the details right can make the difference between so-so and superb, so don’t forget to hire portable toilets to make sure your guests enjoy their day in comfort.

At your convenience
Is your event taking place outside? Or at a venue with limited access to toilet facilities? Then the right event toilet hire will deliver the comfort and convenience your guests need. They’ll be able to use the loo without having to walk far or stand in endless queues and that makes for guests who are relaxed and able to enjoy your event without any complaints.

Accommodate your guests
Before you arrange for event toilet hire, check the number of guests you’re expecting. There’s nothing worse than not providing enough facilities for the number of people you expect to attend.

We can provide a range of temporary toilets, including standalone urinals and a disabled toilet unit so you can accommodate the needs of all your guests.

Add a separate toilet for staff so they can nip to the loo quickly and easily while your event continues to run effortlessly. You’ll score highly for customer satisfaction and ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

A cost-effective solution
When you’re budgeting for a big event it’s tempting to cut corners on areas like toilet facilities. With affordable cost-efficient toilet hire from SRP Hire Solutions you won’t have to.

Your toilets will be delivered to the site, installed properly and then collected again when the event is over. There’s no messy clean up because the waste is taken away and professionally disposed of, meaning you don’t have to hire cleaners to do the job.

Keep it clean and green
Whether you’re an organisation working to sustainability guidelines or an individual who cares about the environment, knowing that your event toilets work independently of power and plumbing brings peace of mind. It also means that our recirculating toilets are ideal for use anywhere and are equipped with a hand sanitiser and toilet roll for comfort and cleanliness.

If you’re running an event like an agricultural show where hygiene is essential, why not hire a self-contained sink unit to promote hand washing? No one wants to leave a successful event with a tummy bug, so to make sure you provide excellent facilities that show you care about your guests’ wellbeing.

At SRP Hire Solutions, we provide an outstanding range of modern hire equipment throughout the East Midlands. We’ll be able to advise you on the facilities you need to keep your next event running smoothly, so why not contact us today for event toilet hire?

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