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How Many Toilets Do You Need for an Event

When organising an event such as a music or food festival, you’ll get to the point where you should deal with the toilet situation. Not the point everybody looks forward to but especially for large festivals, they’re one of the most important parts. A bad toilet situation can often ruin a festival that in all other areas is extremely successful.

A lack of toilets compared to the number of guests results in the poorly maintained toilet area and eventually pushes your guests away, as, after all, nobody likes a large queue only to find a rundown toilet.

Today, SRP Hire Solutions go through how many toilets you’d typically need for an event.

All in The Numbers
The size and scale of the event you’re needing them for entirely dictate how many toilets you need. There’s no one number you go to when hiring toilets for events, it’s all specific to your needs. Whether you have a large festival to arrange and you’re expecting hundreds of people over a weekend, then you’re going to need quite a lot to keep your guests happy and the festival in a clean condition.

The general rule for the number of toilets for a large festival, lasting several days, where food and alcohol are served is as follows. For every 75 women attending you’ll need 1 toilet, for men it’s a lot higher, coming in at 400 per toilet. Usually including a urinal that can accommodate 100 men. These numbers aren’t exact but sticking to their general rule can assist you when figuring out how many to order for your event.

Get Help
If you’re still unsure about the number of toilets you’ll need and you don’t want to order too many or too little, it’s a good idea to get some help from experts. Here at SRP Hire Solutions, we help many people like yourselves get their event ready for opening day.

We offer services such as event management and waste removal, to ensure that your event runs without hiccups. Don’t try to do it all on our own, get the help you deserve and get in touch today! We’ll do our very best to assist you in making the best event possible!

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