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Our Guide to Welfare Units for Your Construction Site
  • Welfare Units for Construction Sites

One important aspect of planning any construction site is where your workers will be able to rest and eat. These spaces will ensure that all workers are able to carry on with their duties safely and effectively. Here at SRP, we have a vast range of welfare units for hire, to suit all sizes and locations of construction sites. Below we explore the range of welfare units that will suit all construction site budgets.

Towable Welfare Units

Sometimes you and your construction crew will have to travel to different working sites across the country. Our range of mobile welfare units can travel with you and provide you with all of the usual welfare unit provision. These include hot water as standard, as stated by the HSE. They can also include a break room, office, staff canteen, toilets and staff room. Our range of towable welfare units for hire can seat up to a maximum of 16 people.

We can offer a number of different options depending on your needs, from our Securicab 7-man units to the Ecosmart 20ft unit. They are built using the latest technology and facilities like running hot water, heating and microwave and kettle appliances.

Static Welfare Units

SRP are proud to offer a selection of static welfare units that come in different lengths depending on the size of your crew. Our 24-foot units are a popular choice that are equipped to deal with your demands. Power is supplied via a generator to provide heating, lighting and canteen facilities, as well as toilet facilities and separate office space.

Welfare Site Cabins

Site cabins are perfect for accommodating your needs, whether it’s site storage or canteens. Our prefabricated cabin units are delivered directly to you. Choose from secure site storage designed to keep your tools and equipment safe, portable canteen units to offer rest and relaxation, or office units to allow you to manage your construction site effectively.

We can supply individual units to you, or even provide combination units which include 50/50 space between office/canteen, canteen/store or canteen/dry room units.

To learn more about the range of welfare units for hire with SRP for your construction site, please get in touch with us today.

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