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Popular Uses for Luxury Toilet Hire
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If you’ve been to any UK music festival in the last decade, you’ll be very familiar with the basic, and sometimes often quite unhygienic, toilet facilities that are on offer. Fear not though; if you’re fed up with these bog-standard toilet facilities, you don’t need to worry, because there is the option of luxury toilet hire from SRP.

Our luxury toilet hire service comprises of luxury trailers complete with lades and gents’ toilets, urinals, wash basins and mirrors. For extra effect, there’s even heating and an extractor fan for that added degree of comfort and style!

So, what events are perfect for the use of luxury toilet hire? Here we take a look to make sure that each event you host has all the facilities you could possibly need.

Music Festivals

For too long, music festivals have been late to the game when it comes to the facilities they offer to visitors. Luxury toilets are absolutely ideal for music festivals of any size, as they offer added convenience and space. Especially if festivals are over a weekend or longer, it’s so important to have quality hygiene facilities in place.

With different options and sizes to choose from, luxury toilets are an adaptable service that can accommodate any size of festival.

Sporting Events 

Similarly to music festivals, luxury toilet facilities are perfect for sporting events of all kinds, and all sizes. Whether they be racetracks, football or rugby tournaments, snooker competitions, or anything else you care to name, luxury toilets are ideal for providing that added bit of comfort and hygiene for those attending. And just because sportsmen and women often endure great hardship in pursuit of their goals, that doesn’t mean those paying to watch them should have to as well.

Outdoor Weddings 

Outdoor weddings are the perfect place for luxury toilet hire facilities, especially if you are planning on having a large marquee or similar structure that is separated from any surrounding buildings. This means you’ll need the right toilet facilities for you guests; make sure it’s a luxury toilet trailer that maintains that level of class. After all, no one wants to nip out to a standard portable toilet in the middle of a field when it’s a wedding!

Summer Fetes 

The summer fete is a big part of the tradition of this country, and the fact that they are still widely held is a testament to their enduring popularity. With stall selling local food and drink produce, it’s important that you provide toilet facilities for your guests so they can enjoy themselves without worry.

Making all guests as comfortable as possible, providing luxury toilets could ensure your event is a positive one.

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