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Prepare Your Construction Site for Winter

With the weather gradually changing as we enter autumn and winter, it’s important that any construction work you have coming up is done with the upcoming weather conditions in mind. It’s important that you have the right measures in place to look after both your staff and your equipment, especially during wintry weather.

To help you prepare early, here is some helpful advice to get you started.

Plan for snow and ice

As we get nearer to winter, occurrences of snow and ice are likely to be inevitable, which can make it much harder to do anything. It’s important to factor this into any timelines you have for construction work over the winter months.

You will likely need to spend additional time on your construction site to clear access roads and walkways, before your staff arrive for the day. This can be a huge help in making sure it’s safe to navigate around the construction site, helping to reduce the risk of accident or injury.

Find suitable storage facilities

A construction site naturally comes with a lot of different materials and equipment in order to get the job done. It’s crucial to keep your construction equipment safe no matter the weather, but even more so in wintry conditions. Wind, ice or rain could damage your materials and equipment.

Consider hiring the right storage facilities to keep everything safe when you finish for the day, or when certain things aren’t in use. This ensures you can keep everything you need on the construction site without worrying it will get stolen or damaged.

Shelter staff from the elements

Just as you’ve found a suitable solution to keep your equipment safe, it’s key to do the same for your staff. Make sure you have an effective break area to shelter your staff. This should offer a place for your staff to take breaks and make food and hot drinks.

The right welfare units can have toilet and shower facilities, and the opportunity to dry off and change at the end of the day. Larger welfare units can also include office space, which can come in very handy.

Plan for potential work stoppage

Unfortunately, sometimes the winter weather is just too much. It’s important that you’re able to factor in time to stop work for a time until the weather conditions improve. After all, it’s unreasonable to keep your staff out in extremely adverse weather.

If you’re working on a construction site over winter, factor this into your timeline to help you come to a realistic completion date for the job at hand.

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