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The Right Facilities for Your Construction Site
  • Welfare Units for Construction

Modern construction sites demand modern welfare facilities. This is no longer simply about meeting basic health and safety standards. There’s a lot riding on the way you treat your construction team, and any visitors to the site.

In fact, in the battle to meet deadlines and keep hold of the best staff and contractors, planning out welfare facilities for construction properly is now vital.

Keeping your site team productive
Studies have shown that staff and contractors who feel “looked after” will be happier and therefore more efficient.

This can start with making sure your construction site toilets are provided in sufficient number, kept clean and emptied regularly! Having a scattering of our single portable toilets may be enough for smaller sites. But if your crew is extensive, you should seriously consider booking our trailer units with six cubicles.

The need to motivate and look after staff on site, is one of the reasons that our hotwash re-circulating toilets are so in demand with forward looking site managers. The extra convenience and comfort they provide extends to more elbow room, somewhere to hang coats and hard hats and access to anti bacterial liquid soap, paper towels and a mirror.

Look after site visitors to look professional
Quality construction site toilets are important for site visitors. They build your reputation as a professional, considerate and well organised company.

Don’t forget to add in one of our disabled toilets for construction site visitors.

Supporting seamless working
It’s important to look after the managers and supervisors too, to enable them to stay in control in all weathers. That means providing enough construction site office space.

This needs sufficient, uninterrupted power for modern technology to work efficiently. If there’s no local power source, talk to us about generator sizes and what you need to keep your site fully switched on for the duration of the project.

Breaks keep staff on track
Any temptation to limit covered areas on construction sites should be ignored. Having the team off site to find cover in bad weather or take their break in discomfort, can be counterproductive.

Make it possible for the team to sit and take breaks with access to basics such as a kettle and microwave. It’s little touches like this that makes them feel valued. They are bound to be more motivated if their working environment is as pleasant as possible.

Put it away!
It’s surprising how many site managers forget to add sufficient storage when they map out welfare facilities. Having lockable stores for valuable equipment, should extend to booking secure site accommodation that’s got great storage solutions too.

Our site welfare and accommodation units have been created to be quick and easy to put in place and move around, but robust and spacious enough to provide a high level of work, rest and storage space.

Contact us today to find out more about welfaire facilites for construction sites.


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