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Our Range of Generators and Electrical Power Hire
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If you need power but are too far from an easily accessible power grid then you’re going to need to hire a generator. Whether you’re running a construction site, outdoor festival, carnival, stage production, sporting event or market, SRP Hire is sure to have the perfect remote location power supply solution for you. All of our services are competitively priced and provided by expert on-site professionals with years of experience, so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best value, highest quality service available.

Portable generators for your power supply needs

We provide a full range of portable generators for your power supply needs. Consult with our team of experts to figure out exactly what power outputs you will need for your specific requirements and you can rest assured that you’ll have no power supply problems regardless of the complexity of your requirements. Whether you need power for heating, lighting, cooking, sound equipment, plant machinery, power outlets or more specific items such as rides or air conditioning, we have the power supply solution for you. Our portable petrol powered generators range from 3,500 to 10,000 watts and here at SRP Hire we offer excellent discounts for multiple generator hire, so whatever the size of the event you’re guaranteed to stay fully powered.

Excellent lighting towers

We also provide a fantastic range of lighting towers for all of your outdoor lighting needs. Combining perfectly with our portable generator services these towers stand 9 metres tall and hold ultra powerful 1000 watt halide lamps to make sure that you’re not left in the dark no matter the circumstances. They are perfect for keeping your event safe regardless of extreme weather conditions or power failures.

Multi-hire discounts and packages

All SRP Hire services, including portable waste facilities, canteen and office units and secure site storage, can be combined in any number of configurations to meet the exact needs of your event. This allows you to streamline your on-site services and you can remain cost-effective with our multi-hire discounts and packages. For short term events we can provide on-site maintenance and support from our team of experts so that you can rest easy in the knowledge that if something does go wrong we’ll be there to fix it. Our expert team will also deliver, set up, connect and test whatever range of facilities you decide to hire so you know that everything is ready to go and running smoothly.

If you need portable electrical generators for your event today then get in touch and we’ll provide you with a quote for your exact specifications.

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