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Site Welfare Units: What Are They and Why Do You Need One?

With the New Year officially here it is a common time of year in which people are building new properties, planning changes to their buildings and construction sites are cropping up all over the place. Every site is different but with a welfare unit at the heart of your site you will find great improvement to team moral, workload and time management. Under HSE guidelines work lasting more than 30 days must have suitable welfare facilities.

SRP Hire Solutions know exactly what you need to have your site running smoothly, keep your workers happy and shelter from that cold British weather.

What Are Site Welfare Units?
Site Welfare Units are towable or static units that are compact and capable of providing a range of different service on your construction site.

Accommodating anywhere between 6-12 people at one time, these portable units are onsite requirements for a great working environment and efficient onsite team.

These Site Welfare Units can contain anything from a kitchen, toilet and meeting room to comfy seating and a place to hide from the rain.

Why Do You Need One?
Construction sites can be cold, muddy and at the best of times a difficult environment to work in. However, Site Welfare Units can provide toilets, a kitchen area, drying room and a place to relax to make breaks a little easier.

HSE compliance also requires hot water on site and this comes as standard in all our towable site welfare units.

You can use them for morning meetings, progress reports and as the central office onsite. But, you can also use them as a place for your staff to have their lunch, make cups of tea and meet each morning for a debrief.

This means you will have your workers on the job for a longer period of time because they don’t need to keep going off to get tea from somewhere. It also means that you can have a place to manage the site from without having to commute to and from the office each day.

These welfare units are essentials you want a well run site and a group of happy workers.

Whether you are looking for basic units, units with kitchens, toilets and comfy seating or even a meeting room, contact SRP Hire Solutions to find out more.

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