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Here at SRP, we are proud of our extensive range of toilet hire solutions. We provide everything from standard recirculating toilets to large 4+2 luxury mobile toilets – and everything in between!

In this blog article, we thought we would discuss some of our favourites, and coincidentally most popular toilet hire solutions available.

Standard Recirculating Toilets

You cannot talk about toilet hire solutions without mentioning the standard recirculating toilet. This is one of our most popular units for hire, due to its price, durability and ability to be used in any location. It comes with an integral soap and toilet roll dispenser and is fully independent of power and plumbing. For both construction projects and large outdoor events, this is the go-to for many of our customers.


Similar to the standard recirculating toilet, the overlook is also fully independent of power and plumbing. It consists of two standard recirculating toilets mounted on a trailer. This makes it incredibly easy to set up and also means that toilets can be moved to a new location at the drop of a hat.

2+1, 3+1, 4+2 Luxury Toilet Trailer

These large mobile luxury toilet trailers combine convenience and comfort all into one unit. Perfect for premium events, special guest and VIP areas, these mobile luxury toilets are suitable for up to 200 people. They all come equipped with male and female facilities, washbasins and even mirrors! They are also available in recirculating or mains connection flush systems.

4 and 6 Man Urinal Units

Perfect for popular events, these urinal units help reduce long queues and waste. They are available in both 4 and 6 man units, however, we would advise choosing the 6 man option as it is just as easy to set up – with 50% more capacity available.

Portable Disabled Toilet Unit

A must at any event, our portable disabled toilets have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the disabled. These self-contained toilets offer wide floor space that is perfect for both wheelchairs and pushchairs, and a handrail to ease accessibility. They also incorporate baby changing facilities.

Disabled toilet interior

Twin Sink Wash Station

To accompany any of our portable toilets, these sink wash stations are great for ensuring high levels of cleanliness and hygiene. They store a whopping 163 litres of fresh water and do not require any link up to main power.

For more information on any of these products, contact our head office today or fill out one of our contact forms.

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