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The Benefits of Hiring Toilets with SRP
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Any event guests or work crew needs to be 100% sure that when nature calls, the facilities provided are not only readily available, but also fit for purpose. Event organisers and site managers have a legal responsibility to provide adequate toilet facilities.

It’s important that those facilities meet expectations and don’t leave employees or guests feeling unsatisfied.

Getting your toilet hire right means you will benefit from productive work crews and happy attendees, so it’s crucial that facilities aren’t just an afterthought. At SRP, we ensure we go the extra mile to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Functional, modern toilet units
We provide toilet units that are fully functional and modern, with everything being compliant with HSE requirements. We offer a number of different options to suit your requirements perfectly.

The standard recirculating toilet provides great value for money, and comes with an anti bacterial gel and toilet roll dispenser. This particular unit is easy to set up and use anywhere, as it’s independent of power and plumbing.

We can also provide more luxury solutions, such as the full unit that comprises of a water heater, waste tank, wash sink, soap dispenser, toilet roll holder and even a mirror and coat hook.

At SRP we can also offer toilet hire that work via mains electricity should you want to go the extra mile.

Should you require a solution for more premium events, we also offer luxury toilet hire that consists of trailers to make everything feel a little more comfortable.

The important extras

A toilet hire company is only as good as the backup services it provides. And this is where SRP excels.

We will empty your mobile toilets as often as required, and we can come at short notice when you get unexpected peaks in their use. Septic tank emptying will be quick, discrete and 100% efficient.

Even getting the toilets on site and collecting them again comes with additional assurances from SRP. For example, we work with clients to map out toilet hire so you get only what you need, without paying over the top. Then, if your requirements change, we can quickly supply extra units.

We are also happy to help clients who have challenging sites or exacting delivery requirements.

Friendly Service and Responsive Toilet Hire

We want to match your welfare needs precisely and reliably, and at a price that matches your budget. Leading to less stress for your event or site management team, you can ensure that at least your hygiene facilities are more than taken care of.

Get in touch today to benefit from our quality toilet hire service.

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