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The Facilities You Need For Your Spring Event
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Whether your career is an event organiser, or you are just involved in planning a one-off spring event, being organised and planning is essential.

First, look at the audience you want to attract and ensure you plan enough entertainment, activities and facilities to ensure everyone can have a good time. Once you have the outline plans for your event, you need an idea of the number of visitors that might turn up to ensure you have enough loos to avoid mile-long queues.

Of course, you will likely be looking to hire the facilities you need. The great news is we offer a variety of facilities available, from standard to luxury toilets, welfare units and shower blocks, so you hire everything you need for both event staff and guests. For any event with many visitors, portable toilets are a must. Visitors and guests will expect them to be modern, clean and hygienic.

Book Facilities For Spring Events Early

As well as working out what facilities you need, it’s a good idea to make bookings early to ensure you have the choice of equipment you need readily available. If you need advice to ensure that you cater appropriately for the guest numbers you expect, our team can help. We will also want to know where your event is being held and what access to the site is like, to ensure that when delivery time comes we don’t encounter any problems.

Event hire facilities

Toilet hire – our standard units are single pods that offer a modern toilet and sink within individual units so that you can hire as many or as few as your event needs. Remember that a good event will ensure that there is never too long a queue for the loo.

We can also offer urinal units and sink station pods, so you can be sure everything your guest needs for a comfort break is covered.

●      Luxury toilets – for some events, standard just isn’t good enough. You need something more befitting of a high-end event or a little more comfort for more than a day, especially if your guests expect a certain level of service. Our luxury toilets offer style and comfort, sure to immediately raise the status of your event. We guarantee your guests will notice the difference. Our luxury range of toilets includes several models with trailers and flexible options to suit all occasions.

●      Luxury shower hire – when events last more than a day, offering shower facilities can be invaluable. Your staff can refresh ready for another busy day, and guests staying over will always feel better after a shower in our luxury shower trailers. Each trailer has four single-unit showers, so there is plenty of room for everyone. Adding luxury showers to your event facilities will make your event stand out and raise the profile of your event, helping you attract the best event staff and visitors.

Here at SRP, we look after you and your guests. Whether you are organising a private event, a public festival or a fun day, we are on hand with all the welfare facilities that you could possibly need. We can even offer a site cabin so you and your team have somewhere to keep personal belongings and refreshments in comfort.

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