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The Impact of Coronavirus on the Construction Industry
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Now that we appear to have passed the peak of coronavirus, the UK is gradually beginning to reopen and businesses are attempting to reclaim some sense of normality. The construction industry in particular has been hit hard over the last few months, as builders and other manual labourers are simply unable to work from home like many other roles.

According to the Office of National Statistics, surveys taken between 18th-31st May showed that 37% of workers in the construction sector were on furlough. Over 80% of construction businesses furloughed at least 1 member of staff during the month of May. However, around 30% of staff were at their normal place of work in the industry, and 20% were managing to work remotely.

Getting construction up and running

As the situation continues to improve after a difficult few months, research shows during the same period, 14% of furloughed construction workers returned. This was a higher rate than any other sector.

It seems that construction is now picking back up, with many sites reopening after taking careful precautions to ensure safety for staff. Check out our blog for advice on staying safe on your construction site.

The Construction Leadership Council has also revealed its roadmap to recovery, focusing on driving the restart of the construction sector. The UK construction industry employs 3.1 million workers, and so increasing the level of activity across this sector is important but must be done with caution.

The CLC anticipates that recovery will be gradual, with a 3 phase plan to restart, reset and reinvent over the next 2 years. The CLC is hoping this will encourage a more capable, professional and profitable sector for the economy.

What does this mean for the construction industry?

The first step in any recovery plan is to ensure effective guidance on the safe operation of construction sites, adhering to social distancing measures and adjusting common areas like welfare units. It is also important to get the most out of the workforce; offering on-going distance learning tools for those on apprenticeships and other ways to retain staff.

Construction firms must begin to find new approaches in order to compensate for the loss of business, as well as investing in training, fairer contracts and begin rebuilding stronger partnerships within the industry.

At SRP, we can help by offering essential construction hire facilities such as welfare units, portable toilets and site cabins. Even in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, staff still need break areas and hygiene facilities; it will just require some basic planning to ensure these areas avoid crowding and surfaces remain clean.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help get your construction site up and running again.

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