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The importance of septic tank emptying

When it comes to the maintenance of your property, there are a number of jobs that you need to ensure that you keep on top of. One of these jobs, and something that you may prefer to put to the back of your mind, but certainly shouldn’t, is the regular emptying and cleaning of your septic tank. This is an extremely important task and one that should not be forgotten or overlooked. 

When you fail to clean and empty your septic tank there are a number of rather unpleasant issues that can occur, and these are certainly things that you would be wise to avoid. For this reason it is essential to ensure that you are fully aware of the issues that you can have with your septic tank and why regular maintenance is vital. 

Build up and blockage

When you fail to maintain, clean and empty your septic tank it can result in a build up of waste material, and this can ultimately lead to blockage. A septic tank that is incorrectly maintained can also result in overflow, which can result in even more problems. Leakage from your septic tank may be noticed through the smell of sewage but also through changes in the grass around your septic tank.

Blocking and build up in your septic tank can result in an increase of dangerous gases within your tank that can attack the interior of the tank, ultimately leading to leakage. These toxic gases may result in cracking to the tank as a result of the build-up of pressure.

Other issues

When your septic tank is emptied and cleaned regularly, it allows for checks to be made that look for potential damage to the tank. This is the type of damage that can lead to leaks. Over time, tree roots have the potential to cause damage to a septic tank but due to its underground location it is often difficult to see this until it is too late. The age of your septic tank can also factor into its potential to leak, both the age and condition can in fact be the reason that your septic tank might be blocked or leaking. Older tanks are not as efficient as modern ones, so maintenance is essential. 

Emptying a septic tank

The process of emptying a septic tank is not a particularly pleasant one, but it is an absolutely necessary part of having a septic tank on your property. This is a job that should be undertaken by a professional company with the appropriate experience who has the appropriate licensing to dispose of the waste from your septic tank in the correct manner. 

At SRP we offer a septic tank cleaning, maintenance and emptying service. If you have a septic tank that is in need of emptying and maintenance, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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