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The Importance of Welfare Units for Your Staff

There are so many things to consider when setting up and running a construction site. The working environment needs to be safe, productive and provide those basics that we all need, such as rest and food. This is why welfare units are such a vital part of any construction or remote working site. Below we explore the importance of welfare units for your workers.

They provide shelter

When working remotely in the wind and rain, your workers will need somewhere to shelter during their break, or when the weather conditions become too harsh to carry on working. Welfare units provide workers with dry, safe and comfortable shelter.

Sit and eat

Staff will need somewhere to prepare food, to make a hot drink and to sit and eat. Many welfare units come equipped with a canteen that provides you with a microwave and kettle, thanks to the use of a portable generator.

Have a shower

Working on a construction site is dirty work and at the end of a shift, your workers will need somewhere to have a wash and to change into clean clothes. The welfare unit incorporates showers with hot running water and changing facilities.

Rest and recuperate

Working on any construction site often involves shift work or long working days. This is why it is so very important for your workers to have access to comfortable rest facilities. A place where they can sit and relax, put their feet up and have a drink. A static and mobile welfare unit ticks all these boxes.

Washroom facilities

If you need to provide a place where your workers can have a freshen up, then you really need a mobile welfare unit as these are equipped with washroom facilities. They will have hot and cold water, be adequately lit, and will also have several toilets.

Office space

When working remotely, it’s often a huge advantage to have designated office space. If this is something that is a priority for you, then a mobile welfare unit can give you the space to set up your remote office.

Static or mobile welfare units

If you are considering a welfare unit then you need to think carefully about the best option for you. Static or mobile? If you are working on a long term build and need to provide round the clock amenities, then a static welfare unit is your best option. For short term work, a mobile welfare unit is the best choice.

Here at SRP Hire Solutions, we provide a range of both static and mobile welfare units for construction sites. To learn more then please do get in touch with us today.

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