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The Role Of Welfare Units On Construction Sites
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Welfare facilities play a significant role on construction sites. You will never get the best from your workforce if you don’t cater for their health and safety needs. As well as being a legal requirement to provide toilets and washing facilities, your crew also needs a place to rest, eat and change to comply with the HSE requirements.

That said, it goes beyond the legal requirements. The quality of facilities offered to workers and contractors could well determine the quality of workers you are likely to attract. Your most favoured option may be to hire the equipment you need for each construction site so they are fully managed and right for each location. The configuration and size of equipment that works in one place may not be suitable for another, so hiring allows you to only pay for what you need to fit within each site and avoids storing the rest.

Welfare units can be static or mobile, and a variety of sizes and configurations are available from us, so you can hire what you need at the time and make changes as your site develops if necessary.

What do you need in a good welfare unit?

Whether you achieve this by one or multiple units will depend on the space you need and the number of people you need to cater to.

Mobile units for 6-16 people are compact and perfect for small sites or those with little room for larger solutions within the site layout. Units can include a canteen and drying room space and offer an open plan or office space. The units are towable and can be resisted with relative ease. They have all the necessary facilities, including toilets, running hot water, microwaves and kettles in sizes from around 12 to 20 ft. We are pleased to say that each of our towable welfare units is Ecosmart with environmental features such as PIR-activated lighting and lower-cost diesel heating to help reduce energy use and running costs.

A Static welfare unit powered by a 9 KvA generator is perfect for the ultimate construction site welfare provision. It can give your workers the full canteen facilities that will avoid the need for them to go offsite for food, so they won’t be late back from lunch if you take the proper care of them, so they don’t leave the site for breaks. In a 24ft unit, you have plenty of rest space for up to six people, a recirculating toilet, an offset drying room, full canteen facilities, and a separate office.

The role of a welfare unit on a construction site is to improve site safety by giving the workers and managers a safe place to take breaks, hold meetings and store the paperwork and small equipment needed to ensure the smooth running of the site and a happy workforce, who know they can get clean, use a comfortable toilet and take breaks in comfort.

A welfare unit should be the first thing you consider when planning a site layout. Hiring welfare units from us will keep you on track and ready to work with our backup and management of site provisions leaving you little more to do than arrange for them to be onsite when needed.

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