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Top 3 Facilities You Need for a Construction Site
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The right construction site hire facilities can ensure a project is successful, so it’s important to know what your construction site needs. But where do you begin when it comes to knowing what you should be hiring first?

Make sure you have these three facilities planned before you hire anything else.

1. Toilets

Hiring toilets for your staff shouldn’t be something you consider optional. It’s essential for staff comfort that you have appropriate toilet facilities available. Think about the number of staff that you will have working on the site at any given moment – this will give you an indication of how many toilets you need.

Also consider where in your construction site you intend to place the toilets. They need to be accessible, but of course, placed where they aren’t going to impeded construction progress. Also be mindful of any disabled access that may be required, and hire your construction site toilets accordingly.

2. Welfare units

Welfare units can satisfy a number of different needs, depending on how you want to use them. They can be used as comfortable office space for site management, as they can be fully powered. This gives any clerical staff a place to work on-site, without sacrificing connectivity.

They can also function as a place for employees to take their break. It’s important that workers have somewhere they can rest which is warm, dry and comfortable. Welfare units can come with a number of different amenities depending on your requirements, such as sinks, microwaves and wash-rooms.

3. Generators

Generators are the lifeblood of many constructions sites, as without them you have no power. There will be nothing to power tools, lighting, security systems, communications – nothing. So hiring generators should always be number one on your to-do list when you’re establishing your construction site.

Your construction site may be located where you have access to the national grid, but you should still consider hiring generators. They can be invaluable in terms of providing an important backup in the event of a power-cut, or being a source of additional power if your needs unexpectedly increase.

Book in advance

It’s essential that you book your construction site facilities well in advance of construction beginning. This will give your hire company the chance to deliver and properly install the facilities, without risk of disrupting work. A well catered for workforce is both a happy and productive one.


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