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Top 3 Facilities You Need for an Efficient Construction Site
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When it comes to construction site hire, there are some essential things to have in place for everything to run efficiently. Looking after the welfare of your workers or visitors is essential and not something you can afford to overlook. While there are various things you could do to address this need, some facilities you could hire are critical. But which 3 are the most important to have in place?

Welfare units

The first thing you need for an efficient and safe site is a welfare unit. Welfare units allow you to fulfil many different needs, from providing spaces to make food to shelter from bad weather and somewhere to rest when on a break. Many will also include washing or showering facilities with hot water as well as space to fill out paperwork.

As you can see, they are ideal for protecting the well-being of any workers or guests on a construction site. They are also key for allowing people to perform to their maximum efficiency when working.

Portable toilets

One of the most pressing concerns on any construction site in terms of facilities is toilets. After all, you need to provide somewhere for workers to complete their ablutions and look after their welfare. Workers having to go offsite every time they need the toilet will really affect how much work gets done too!

It is naturally not feasible to plumb in permanent toilets on every project, which is where portable toilets can come in handy. These allow you to meet your welfare responsibilities but in a temporary way. There is a huge range to choose from now so you can always find the ideal choice for any site – be it specially designed disabled toilets or larger trailer units with multiple toilets inside.

Generator hire

Another key aspect of looking after workers welfare is providing a reliable source of power. You can only get so far in modern life without electricity! Of course, this is also a pressing concern when it comes to people carrying out their jobs also. Tools which need electricity to operate or recharge for example are common on all sites now.

If you have no local source of power available, hiring a generator is the best option. These will provide the power needed to keep tools working, lights on, kettles boiling and radiators going! You can hire generators in a range of outputs now and get one that matches how much power your site needs.

If you need any of the above construction site hire essentials, get in touch today on 0333 577 8003. We have a great range of portable toilets, generators and welfare units to choose from. If you need any advice, our expert team can help.

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