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Top 3 facilities you should include in your site office

A site office on a construction site should have certain key facilities that are important for the wellbeing of employees. Having them within the construction site ensures that convenience and efficiency are achieved in various operations. Here are the top three facilities every site office should have:

Secure Storage

Managing inventory and materials on your construction site is important for effective operation. A secure storage facility will prevent theft, and will also ward off elements such as dust and rain that can damage your equipment. Workers are also safer with proper storage facilities because there is more room for movement without equipment laying all over the workspace.

Having adequate storage space on your site is also cost-effective since materials are easily accessible. Generally, secure storage ensures that time and other company resources are used effectively.

Canteen Facilities

Canteen facilities are important components of construction sites and should not be overlooked. Having a canteen facility at a construction site is critical for the health and safety of workers. Apart from complying with safety and health standards, a separate space where people can relax and eat during breaks makes the worksite more comfortable.

Additionally, operating a canteen within a construction site will save time since workers will not need to leave the premises in search of refreshments. Therefore, it increases the probability of achieving tight work deadlines. A worksite canteen is also likely to offer a wide variety of high-quality meals according to the dietary needs and tastes of the workers at affordable prices. It also creates a unique environment for the interaction of workers, resulting in enhanced morale and productivity.

Toilet Facilities

Hygiene within a construction site is an essential requirement that cannot be compromised whatsoever. Toilet facilities should be sufficient for all workers, and there should be units for both males and females. Toilets can help to prevent contamination and diseases, so facilities should have adequate toilet rolls and water and soap for handwashing.

Some construction toilet facilities are fitted with heating systems for safer hand washing. Whether portable, permanent or hired, employers must provide toilet facilities on a construction site.
These facilities are crucial for the welfare, safety, and health of workers on a construction site. Ultimately, site office hire is an important part of reducing illnesses and injuries among construction workers.


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