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Top tips for a winter construction site

Winter is growing closer, and as the weather turns and days become shorter it’s important to consider how to make sure a construction site stays safe and comfortable during the harsher months.

SRP Hire Solutions offer a wide range of construction site hire options to ensure workers are kept safe and comfortable.

So what should you consider?

Pick the right units

First, you’re going to need to have the right units on site. You’ll need welfare units, appropriate toilet facilities, canteen space, and possibly an office. Depending on the nature of the site, you may wish to consider offering the option of showers for workers, in the event they get caught in bad weather, or end up muddy.

It pays to ensure that employees have a place to comfortably relieve themselves and take their breaks which is going to be out of the elements. Any units you supply will have to be properly weatherproof, and be hooked up to electricity and running water. They should also be heated.

Keep units powered

The changing weather conditions mean that it can be harder to keep units properly powered. Electricity supplies need to be designed for use in bad weather, and not easily damaged by high winds or rain. Make sure when you’re choosing your units to enquire as to whether or not they are suitable for use in winter months.

If you don’t do this you could be presenting the risk of regular power outages happening. A lack of light and electricity to appliances is going to make completing the project that much harder. All units should also be heated, whether it be through being hooked up to a generator or via their own internal heating systems.

Hot running water

One of the most invaluable things you can ensure in any construction site through the winter months is a reliable supply of hot water. Washing hands after visiting the toilet and being able to shower if conditions get dirty are essential for both employee wellness and personal hygiene.

When you’re having your welfare or toilet units installed, always make sure to check with your supplier if the units are going to be usable in the event of a cold snap. The last thing you want is water pipes freezing up and preventing the free flow of water.

These three simple tips can help you keep your construction site running reliably all winter long.

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